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Add Layers of Integrity to Business Processes that Power your Organization

ERP transactions power many of the core financial processes that run your organization

Purchasing, payroll, supply chain management, accounts payable and many more. These transactions are also the most common areas of fraud, theft and error that lead to budgetary waste. In addition, data breaches can cause a multitude of fiscal challenges for organizations including lost business, damage to reputation, and compliance penalties.

Challenges in the Modern Business Environment

ERP systems like SAP ECC and PeopleSoft are reliable for running your business, but they lack the functionality to keep up with today’s security and compliance requirements. With mobile access being demanded by users, these systems are accessed by a multitude of users in a myriad of contexts – many of which lead to unauthorized activity. This activity can neither be stopped or (in most cases) identified until the damage is done.

How Appsian Can Help

Appsian delivers enhanced, contextually-aware access controls and deep visibility into sensitive financial transactions. Appsian’s detailed analytics helps you get the information you need to ensure transactions are being carried out in accordance with business policies. With real-time analytics, you can minimize risk by enhancing oversight into ERP data access and usage.

Enhanced Authentication and Access Control

Strengthen user authentication with tightly integrated features (SSO and MFA), along with access controls that enforce polices based on context of access.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring capability alerts your IT and security teams when there is suspicious activity inside your applications, or your data is potentially at risk.

Actionable Insights

Every day, a myriad of users access your data. Logging all access attempts enables you to keep track of data usage and activity.

Compliance Readiness

Appsian gives you clearer data insights, and visibility into user activity that prepares you for compliance regulations.

Additional Resources

Looking for more in-depth information? Review our resources on data security, compliance, threat protection and more.

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