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Enhance Legacy ERP Systems with Solutions Designed for Modern Requirements

Mobile access to ERP systems and data privacy regulations are making organizations reconsider their management approach to business, financial, and HCM data

With a heightened emphasis on data protection and compliance, traditional on-premise ERP systems are now under heavy scrutiny.

With ERP applications under the microscope, many CIO’s are turning attention to their legacy applications and scoping how to retrofit these systems with modern security and compliance functionality. Or, be forced to undergo ‘ripe and replace’ projects in favor of cloud solutions. These migrations can lead to expensive projects that tie up resources, kill budgets, and disrupt business operations. Fortunately, Appsian can deliver the security and compliance necessary for today’s environment – without requiring an ERP system overhaul.

Challenges in the Modern Business Environment

Traditional, on-premise ERP applications natively lack the mobile, security, and analytical features that CIO’s desire – and business leaders demand.

ERP applications are a haven for fraud, theft, and error (from insiders and outsiders.) As workforces demand expanded, mobile access – effectively managing the enforcement of policies, user authentication and the integrity of sensitive data is nearly impossible.

Cloud solutions may seem desirable, but implementation can lead to significant disruption.

How Appsian Can Help

Appsian helps you take control of your ERP applications and enterprise data. Appsian’s Security Platform enables you to integrate enhanced identity & access controls, fine-grained security, and analytics solutions. With real-time access monitoring, you can get a granular view into who is accessing what data, from where, and how.

Enhanced Authentication and Access Control

Strengthen user authentication with tightly integrated features (SSO and MFA), along with access controls that enforce polices based on context of access.

Real-time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring capability alerts your team when there is suspicious activity inside your applications, or your data is potentially at risk.

Actionable Insights

Every day, a myriad of users access your data. Logging all access attempts enables you to keep track of data usage and activity. 

Compliance Readiness

Appsian gives you clearer data insights, and visibility into user activity that prepares you for compliance regulations.

Additional Resources

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