Detect and Prevent Data Exfiltration

Keep data from leaking out of your organization with strict oversight and visibility

Data Leakage Continues to be the #1 Challenge of Information Security Leaders

Because data routinely moves in and out of an enterprise, data exfiltration can closely resemble normal traffic. This makes detection extremely challenging for information security teams. Making it worse, nearly half the time a trusted internal actor is responsible.

Unauthorized data transfers can be carried out manually or automatically. To identify systematic behavior (indicative of exfiltration) vs. normal work activities, deep visibility with added context is required. This combination proves most effective when gaining the insights necessary to detect exfiltration. 

Legacy ERP applications like PeopleSoft and SAP lack the ability to provide actionable insights into user activity, creating many blind spots. In addition, a lack of granular logging makes the creation of a useful audit trail nearly impossible – making organizations susceptible to systematic, malicious activity. 

Key Challenges

Both internal and external actors are to blame for ERP data breaches, but many would say the most damaging breaches come from internal actors. When exfiltrating data, internal actors are more likely to use physical media like USB drives and personal computers – both of which can store massive amounts of data. In addition, internal actors know which reports and queries contain the most sensitive data, causing malicious activity to be more damaging. 
Personal devices and automatic cloud backup syncs make accidental data leakage extremely easy to do. This is especially true in remote access environments where its likely data is being downloaded and stored on personal devices 
Malicious access to data only becomes detectable if you have the solutions in place to identify trends. Most data breaches happen over time and can be subtle. Having a granular view into what reports and queries are not being run, resulting in data exports, can help you keep track of not only what is being downloaded – but by whom. This context is paramount for detecting exfiltration 
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Prevent Blind Spots That Lead to Data Leakage
  • Uncover the insights into data access and usage that native ERP logging does not provide
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Closely Monitor Report and Query Downloads
  • Closely monitor the activity around sensitive reports and queries. Ensure that data is not being exfiltrated in bulk by unauthorized users or offboarding employees
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Prevent Exposure from Personal Cloud Sync and Storage
  • Monitory and prevent data exfiltration onto unmanaged personal devices

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