Prevent Insider Threats with Adaptive Access Controls

Strengthen business policy enforcement to prevent fraud, theft and errors

64% of [Oracle and SAP] ERP Deployments Have Been Breached in the Last 24 Months

*IDC. 2019. ERP Security: The Reality of Business Application Protection’,

Findings suggest these systems have significant access control deficiencies, causing elevated levels of risk. Especially risk coming from insiders violating business policies. How can your protect data without being overly-restrictive?

To ensure data protection, security teams are quick to apply broad, restrictive access policies. Since a myriad of users access ERP data for a wide variety of reasons, broad polices tend to be overly-restrictive and hinder productivity. Appsian provides the perfect balance between productivity and security with risk-adaptive access controls.

Hackensack Meridian Health

Hackensack Meridian Health Customer Success Story

Learn how Hackensack Meridian Health leveraged Appsian to strengthen access controls while securely expanding user access

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Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) made a strategic decision to standardize and implement PeopleSoft HCM for all 33,000 team members across their network of 16 hospitals and 450+ medical centers. HMH set out to provide secure remote access as they enabled Fluid UI for Benefits/Open Enrolment, Employee and Leader Self-Service.

ERP security posture

Implement a dynamic ERP security posture that effectively scales at the speed of your business.

Key Benefits of Appsian

Extend ERP Access with Confidence

Appsian enables you to securely extend ERP access beyond your network.

As your threat surface expands, you can be confident in knowing that access policies are defined by contextual attributes and data is protected with fine-grained layers of security (down to the field level.) Achieve a true balance between security and productivity.

Align Security and Business Policies

Strict security policies should not prohibit authorized access. To ensure security polices align to business requirements, Appsian enables you to leverage contextual attributes when determining data access.

By enhancing current (static) roles and permissions with contextual attributes, you can apply stepped-up security when necessary and ensure sensitive data is only accessed by “authorized” users.

Native Integration Across ERP Applications

Appsian solutions install natively into the ERP web server, enabling organizations to update and scale their ERP application(s) without disrupting underlying code or customizations.

Streamline and Centralize Provisioning

Appsian’s unified rules engine dictates policies across all pages of the application(s).

Administration is centralized and browser-based, allowing IT resources to focus on strategic tasks rather than manual (and time-consuming) provisioning and role/page customization.

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