Enable a Rapid Response to Security and Compliance Threats

Gain deep insights into ERP user behavior. Understand Data Access and Usage

58% of enterprises do not detect or address active attacks for months or even years

*IDC. 2019. ERP Security: The Reality of Business Application Protection’,

The findings of this survey should raise questions about the level of auditing taking place, and if quarterly audits are enough to identify, prevent, and remediate security and compliance threats.

Understanding details around ERP data access is critical for maintaining strong compliance and audit strategies. Native ERP application logging focuses on application access, not how users interact with specific data elements. Today, ERP audits are time-consuming, manual processes that are often done sporadically – thus, putting the organization at risk.

Hackensack Meridian Health

Hackensack Meridian Health Customer Success Story

Learn how Hackensack Meridian Health leveraged Appsian to mitigate business risk with stronger access controls and identity management

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Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) made a strategic decision to standardize and implement PeopleSoft HCM for all 33,000 team members across their network of 16 hospitals and 450+ medical centers. HMH set out to provide secure remote access as they enabled Fluid UI for Benefits/Open Enrolment, Employee and Leader Self-Service.

Key Benefits of Appsian

Extend ERP Access with Confidence

Appsian enables you to securely extend ERP access beyond your network.

As your threat surface expands, you can be confident in knowing that access policies are being enforced and potential threats are being identified and alerted. Achieve a true balance between security and productivity.

Automate Time-Consuming Audits

Current ERP audits require triangulation of different reports to get a ‘surface level’ understand of user behavior.

Appsian provides detailed access reports of who viewed what, displayed on visually rich dashboards – designed to provide real-time, actionable insights.

Native integration Across ERP Applications

Appsian offers seamless integration into SAP and Oracle ERP systems, enabling organizations to update and scale their ERP application(s) without disrupting underlying code or customizations.

Provide Deeper Visibility for Senior Leaders

Providing senior leaders with data access information enables organizations to operate more efficiently. Traditional ERP applications create challenges if leadership needs to understand how their organization is accessing and using sensitive HCM and financial data.

Appsian enables Administrators to easily provide insights, while providing trend graphics that are quick to understand and actionable. As an organization demands more insights from their data, Appsian provides the ability to scale with ease.

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