Monitor ERP Data Access & Usage for Remote Users

Drill into access from unknown IP ranges and maintain granular oversight for remote sessions

A clear line of sight is critical for managing remote access risks

With critical HR, finance, supply chain, etc. transactions being executed by remote users, organizations are exposed to a myriad of risks. From either privileged user credentials being compromised and exploited, to insiders engaging in fraud and theft; remote access introduces new and potentially damaging business risks.

ERP applications like PeopleSoft and SAP lack the ability to provide actionable insights into user activity, creating many blind spots for unauthorized behavior. In addition, a lack of granular user activity logging makes the creation of a useful audit trail nearly impossible.

With an expanded threat surface, remote access exacerbates all business risks and having a clear line of sight into how your data is being accessed and used is mission critical.

Key Challenges

Remote access products like VPN simply provide a connection point. Once a VPN authenticates a user, a myriad of risk factors remain. For example: where is a user coming from? What data are they trying to access? What device are they using? Is that device actually being used by the right person? What ERP data are they trying to extract onto their personal device? 
BYOD exposes your business data to whatever hackers and/or malware that have infected the BYOD device from personal website browsing and application downloading. When a device is not corporately managed, the access coming from that device can no longer be trusted by default. 
Malicious access to data only becomes detectable if you have the solutions in place to identify trends. Most data breaches happen over time and can be subtle. Plus, some of the most common threats include insiders exfiltrating and leaking data which can be even harder to detect. 

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Manage and Mitigate Exposure to Data Breaches
  • Detect intrusions and unauthorized access from bad actors. Proactively mitigate the risk of a data breach in real-time.
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Enforce Security Policies for Remote Users and Vendors
  • Ensure security policies are strictly enforced for remote employees, along with vendors and partners. Maintain oversight and accountability during business operations
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Enhance Visibility and Control Compared to a VPN
  • Gain the visibility and control lacking from a VPN. Easily audit user/vendor sessions after remote authentication.

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