Monitoring Employee Productivity

Gain insight into productivity trends, time spent on specific transactions and ensure appropriate resourcing

Managing a Team Effectively Requires Data-Driven Insights

Traditional monitoring software may provide a 1,000 foot view into how employees spend their day, but when it comes to ERP application activity, insights are hard to come by. This is largely because ERP logging was designed to provide troubleshooting assistance, not provide details into user activity.

For departments that spend their day in ERP applications like HR, finance, purchasing, etc. hundreds of transactions can be executed per day with little insight into how productive those departments actually are. Is a certain function understaffed for what is being asked of them or are they potentially overstaffed? Are remote employees executing as many transactions as possible during their workday?

ERP transactions are some of the most sensitive from a time, security, and compliance perspective. To maximize effectiveness, you must be able to uncover granular insights into how employees are executing specific transactions and who’s data are they accessing.

Key Challenges

For departments that spend large amounts of time processing ERP transactions, understanding productivity is challenging. This is because understanding how many transactions were executed in a given time requires the triangulation of multiple reports. Managers require clear dashboards depicting productivity metrics in order to effectively manage their workforce. 
One of the biggest questions after ‘what data was accessed’ is typically ‘who’s data was accessed?’ Establishing an audit trail regarding a specific employee is a manual, time-consuming process. When it comes to meeting compliance requirements, these insights are difficult to come by using native ERP logging, alone. 
Workforce confidence begins with insights, and when a workforce is remote, insights are more difficult to come by. To establish if an employee(s) is more or less productive while remote, managers require user activity details that are not currently supported by native ERP logging.  
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Track and Improve Employee Productivity
  • Monitor and measure how productive employees are during their ERP sessions. Ensure users who primarily work in ERP applications remain productive
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Conduct Covert Employee Investigations
  • Conduct investigations and gather evidence without alarming a suspected wrongdoer. Leverage insights for fraud, misconduct, and wrongful termination lawsuits
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Ensure Adherence to Compliance Guidelines
  • Maintain oversight and quickly produce detailed audit logs to satisfy auditors from GDPR, SOX, FERPA, CCPA and more.

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