Deploy PeopleSoft Multi-Factor Authentication

Turnkey PeopleSoft MFA Integration at Login and Inside the Application

User Identity has become the new perimeter. As organizations expand application access beyond their firewall, hackers are capitalizing on the ease of access and targeting users for their login credentials. In today’s landscape, using a single layer of authentication is not enough.

Adding Multi-Factor Authentication to PeopleSoft is recommended, but without Appsian, extensive customizations are required. In addition, deployment rules are not dynamic and can force challenges unnecessarily – creating user pushback.

Key Challenges

Custom-Development Custom-Development

Custom Development

Arbitrary-MFA-Enforcement Arbitrary-MFA-Enforcement

Arbitrary MFA Enforcement

User-Pushback-Poor-Adoption-white User-Pushback-Poor-Adoption-white

User Pushback & Poor Adoption

Integrating a 3rd party MFA with PeopleSoft requires custom development to integrate at front door login. Custom development can delay deployment, increase the solutions total cost of ownership, and pose challenges down the road as updates are made to PeopleSoft.

With a custom integration, MFA is typically only enforced at application login – and arbitrarily enforced every time a user attempts to login. This blanketed approach can be seen as excessive by end-users who are only trying to perform low risk tasks or are already on a corporate network.

Worn down by arbitrary and excessive MFA challenges, end-users will often push back against the added step MFA requires in an otherwise smooth user experience (especially for organizations with SSO). This “MFA Fatigue” can lead to application avoidance and task abandonment.

Why Appsian?

Appsian quickly integrates existing MFA solutions with PeopleSoft – allowing contextual enforcement and embedding at the field/transaction level.

Context-aware MFA enforcement matches risk with security, delivering an additional (user-friendly) authentication layer.

Key Features


Turnkey PeopleSoft MFA Integration

MFA integration is accomplished via configuration, eliminating the need for PeopleSoft customizations. As a turnkey solution, Appsian’s MFA connector provides regular updates aligned to PeopleSoft releases and offers multiple tiers of support.

Adaptive MFA Challenge Enforcement

Customers can dynamically deploy MFA challenges based on the context of access. For example, customers can require an MFA challenge when an employee is accessing PeopleSoft from a remote IP address or after business hours. This flexibility can reduce the disruption of MFA as the level of risk can be aligned to the security challenge.


MFA at Login and Inside PeopleSoft

In addition to the login page, Appsian enables customers to extend MFA into PeopleSoft at the field, page and component level. This offers added security for high risk transactions and allows the option to skip front-door MFA while still securing sensitive fields/transactions.

Quickly Deploy PeopleSoft Multi-factor Authentication – Solution Brief

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