Protect PeopleSoft Data from Phishing Attacks

Strengthen identity and access management controls

81% of hacking attacks involve stolen credentials. After gaining access to a user’s login info, hackers can move freely inside your PeopleSoft systems. As a result, sensitive information such as social security and direct deposit account numbers are exposed. This threat becomes far greater if the intruder obtains a high-privilege user’s credential.

Moreover, PeopleSoft solely relies on a Username and Password security model. As such, securing PeopleSoft can be challenging as hackers target users with increasing levels of sophistication.

Key Challenges

Phishing Attacks Phishing Attacks

Phishing Attacks

Access Control Access Control

Access Control

High Privilege Misuse High Privilege Misuse

High Privilege Misuse

Why is phishing such a problem? Because it works! Phishing/Spear Phishing attacks are the leading case of breaches. These attacks are sophisticated, meticulously planned, and strategically executed leaving you little time to react

Hackers can crack the encryption key of the PS_TOKEN in order to bypass the authentication process

PeopleSoft does not provide control over what functionality is available on your secure network vs. the open internet. Privilege is determined by role, not by how and where the system is being accessed

After successful authentication, a high-privilege credential can be misused to run reports/queries. This is why privilege misuse from insiders can be very costly and why high-privilege credentials are the most coveted by hackers

Why Appsian?

Appsian Security Platform enables PeopleSoft customers to implement a layered security approach. This capability helps organizations fight the threat of compromised access.

  • Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication enhances PeopleSoft security with additional user authentication – both at login and inside the application (field/page/component.)
  • Contextual controls mitigate risk by adapting policies in accordance with changing context of access.
  • Granular logging and real-time analytics provide an organization with insights into user activity. Armed with actionable data, organizations can identify suspicious activity and take remedial measures.

Key Features

Single Sign-On

PeopleSoft Multi-Factor Authentication

Appsian’s MFA solution provides turnkey integration with PeopleSoft to enhance security. Appsian partners with multiple MFA providers to implement MFA functionality at login and within PeopleSoft at the field/page/component level.

Location-Based Security

Appsian Security Platform helps customers implement the Principle of Least Privilege. It helps you customize users’ experience based on the network (secure vs. unfamiliar) they are accessing from. Whether limiting access to specific PeopleSoft transactions or downgrading privilege to a specific credential – Appsian gives you full control to determine what your users do when they access PeopleSoft outside your secure network.

Location-Based Security

Granular PeopleSoft Activity Monitoring

Appsian’s enhanced logging and data visualization capabilities enable customers to quickly detect anomalous activity. Capturing contextual information such as location, device, and IP address helps track down malicious access attempts.

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