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PeopleSoft, MFA And Zero Trust

By Scott Lavery • September 1, 2020

PeopleSoft, MFA And Zero Trust

In order to maintain strict authentication in a remote environment, organizations are exploring how they can enable zero trust through fully integrating Multi-Factor Authentication solutions with PeopleSoft – at login and step-up at transaction level. Zero Trust best practices dictate that no access is trusted by default, especially if it’s coming from outside the network. Thus, requiring MFA/PeopleSoft integration, as identity must be verified using contextual attributes (location, role, device, time-of-day.)

Join the PeopleSoft security experts at Appsian as they discuss:

  • Common security use cases that are mitigated by MFA
  • Frequent challenges with integrating MFA for PeopleSoft
  • How PeopleSoft/MFA integration can limit user-pushback and adoption can be embraced across the organization

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