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February 13, 2019

Start Time : 1:00 pm CST 11:00 am PST
End Time : 2:00 PM CST 12:00pm PST

PeopleSoft and GRC: Best Practices fo...

With a heightened focus on PII accountability, organizations are taking the opportunity to fully review their GRC policies to minimize risk factors. Because your ERP system contains sensitive data throughout hundreds of transactions, PLUS many organizations are broadening user access beyond their secure network, security professionals have been running into several challenges when implementing GRC policies in ERP systems

February 27, 2019

Start Time : 1:00 pm CST 11:00 am PST
End Time : 2:00 PM CST 12:00pm PST

Expanding PeopleSoft Employee Self-Se...

As organizations look to enable their employees to be more productive; expanding users' access to PeopleSoft Employee Self Service to the open internet has rapidly become a critical business objective. The issue remains - how do you maintain strict data security policies when access to ESS is available outside your firewall? Balancing the desire for additional productivity, along with the increased threat exposure can be daunting (but necessary), as organizations look to fully leverage their investment in PeopleSoft.

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