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Addressing Data Privacy: Legal Implications of KVKK and Achieving Compliance in Your ERP Landscape

January 19, 2021
Start Time : 3:00 PM TRT / 6:00 AM CST
End Time : 11:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM CST

The global movement towards data privacy now has direct implications for Turkish businesses: the KVKK. Also known as the Turkish Data Protection Act, the law has a wide-reaching impact across organizations’ compliance efforts and lays out explicit fines and criminal sanctions if violated. It must be stated, GDPR compliance is not sufficient as there are differences between the two legislations. Turkish companies and foreign controllers must both advance their compliance programs and supporting technology to meet KVKK requirements. Large organizations using ERP applications face a unique challenge in addressing these requirements at scale. While traditional ERP security focuses on roles and transactions, the KVKK demands granularity down to the field-level. Having detailed visibility and control over data accessed in your ERP system is a critical capability. To discuss the impact of KVKK, experts at Deloitte Turkey and Appsian Security will join together to guide attendees through the legal requirements, technology challenges, and solutions that will help you achieve compliance.

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